Certified cat sitter and cat groomer
My name is Jacqueline Steneker. I am a certified cat sitter and cat groomer who can come to your home. I work in the area of Hilversum and surroundings. I often encounter English-speaking customers so I have decided to add a concise English page to my website! I have lived and worked for more than 2 years in London and therefore I get by quite well in English.


Reliable, experienced and loving
During my daily visit(s) to your home, I will lovingly take care of your cats and other non-barking pets. I have lots of experience with old, sick and scared cats.
For a modest additional fee, I will also take professional care* of your cat’s coat during the period that I will look after your cat.


How does it work?
First of all, we will have an introductory talk in which I will gather information about your pet(s). We will make an agreement about the care of your pet(s), the house keys, the payment and any other things that I should take care of during your absence, such as mail, plants, garden and wheelie bins.


Respect for your privacy
I respect your privacy. I will not post any unsolicited photos of your cat on social media. I shall not discuss any information about you with third parties and I shall not open any drawers, closets or doors unless this is necessary for taking care of your pet(s).


What are the costs?
My rates page is in Dutch, so please send me a message if this page is not clear to you. I will then let you know whether I am available and the related costs!


* Nice to know: besides from grooming your cat at home, every day during the week from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. you can have your cat groomed by me at my home.You have to make an appointment for that.